Technology and quality

We swear only by the highest level of service

In the field of quality and technology, we are distinguished by a rich tradition and experience that enable the continuous company development.

We have the most modern technological equipment and highly educated staff who will always help you with professional advice.

Guaranteed quality

Awareness of our important role in the field of quality and ecology has led us to professional behaviour and operation. We have established an automatic control system that ensures accurate and high-quality manufacture of all products.

Highest level of solutions and quick adaptation to the market

The technology department is the heart of production, as all knowledge comes from here and the starting points for all further processes are formed. Our key to success is the intertwining of top equipment, long tradition and knowledge and experience, with the help of which we can cope with all challenges. From the very beginning, we strived to ensure the highest quality and were open to innovations, which we also continuously introduced.

Exceptional flexibility and responsiveness

We have established all the necessary processes for the preparation of TF and dyes, flexo printing, bag making and, if customers so require, also non-standard forms of packaging. These are the key advantages that make us stand out, as we are extremely flexible, extremely responsive and have more control over quality.

Water-based dyes used

When printing, we use water-based colours prepared with a colour mixing system and special software that ensures the quality of the printed colours. We can print a maximum of 8 colours on a modern flexo printing machine with an automatic colour register and video surveillance.

Our bags

have a load capacity

up to 10 kg.

Paper bags

are 100%


Paper bags





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