Pak – packaging bag

Packing bags without handles

Ecological and versatile
Packing bags without handles are made of white or brown kraft paper and are available in various dimensions and specifications to fit loads from 0.5 kg to 50 kg. With the possibility of printing up to 8 colours, we can provide you with completely ecological and affordable personalized packaging.

Bag capacities tailored to your needs
Small packaging bags are made of single-ply paper and are available with a capacity of 0.5 kg to 2 kg. Large packaging bags are available from 5 kg to 50 kg, where it is possible to make one or two-layer bags and in combination with PE.

Technical specifications


brown kraft, brown recycled, brown ribbed, white kraft

Paper weight

70–90 g/m2


in flexotechnics up to 8 colours

Most frequent users

For packing sugar, vegetables, flour, tea, breadcrumbs, herbs, candy packaging, for jewellery, they are also popular at various events, fairs, etc.


why Papiroti bags



Paper bags are reusable

environmentally safe

Paper bags are 100% biodegradable

added value

Guaranteed recyclability


Our bags have a load capacity up to 10 kg