Employees and departments

In addition to quality products, Papiroti also wants to offer quality service. Your satisfaction will be taken care of in all departments of our company.



A dedicated and professional team is always here for you
Our sales and technical team with highly qualified staff ensure that you receive the desired answers and a competitive offer to your request as soon as possible. They are also happy to provide you with professional advice on choosing the various options from the range that Papiroti offers.



A responsible team focused on finding the best solutions
The purchasing department takes care of the smooth operation of our production process. Every day they look for possibilities and solutions to achieve even better quality of the materials we use in our work, so that we can provide you with the highest quality products at any time.


accounting and finance

Under the auspices of a responsible team, our business is successful
The Accounting and Finance Department ensures that our operations run smoothly and in accordance with the law. Their responsible tasks are very important for our overall successful business and for the fact that we can provide both customers and suppliers with excellent business relationships.



With the help of their diligent hands everything runs smoothly
The team of our employees in the warehouse department ensures that the receipt of purchasing material and the preparation of our products for the delivery of goods to customers is smooth, fast and performed carefully and in accordance with the highest quality standards.



Thanks to them, the products are in the right place at the right time
Logistics employees make sure that they meet the wishes and needs of customers and make sure that you receive the shipment at the right time at the agreed address. They always strive to find solutions and help establish trustworthy business collaborations.



A team focused on solutions and innovation
The technology department is an extended arm of the sales department. Motivated employees are looking for solutions to produce the highest quality products that provide added value for our customers. Due to our knowledge and many years of experience, we can also satisfy your wishes for non-standard forms of packaging, more demanding printing or other specifics that make us stand out.



A team that diligently helps achieve the highest standards
Our production is our heart of the company, as it takes care of the production of high-quality products for all needs and in accordance with the wishes of our customers. Their caring hands take care of the entire process, from making the products to packaging.