Bottle - twisted handles paper bag

Most frequent users:

various shops, gift shops, wine shops, etc.

Aesthetic gift bags for bottles

A variety of bags of uncompromising quality

Gift bags for bottles with a twisted handle are suitable for packaging bottles for wine, juice, beer, champagne, etc. You can choose from three different sizes, namely for one, two and three bottles. Bottom reinforcements (reinforcement cardboard) and cardboard barriers can be added to bags for two and three bottles, which allow the bags to be adequately protected and the bottles to be carried safely.

Twisted handles are made of high quality rolled Kraft paper and are glued to the inside of the bag in paper colour or coloured.


twisted handles

Make your brand visible with personalization

We also provide you with fully personalized bags with an exposed inscription or logo of your brand. This allows you to be even more recognizable and noticeable at every step. There are also various bags in stock that are unprinted and can be delivered extremely quickly.

Technical details

brown kraft, white kraft,

brown ribbed, brown recycled

110 g/m²

in flexotechnics up to 8 colours


Paper bags



Paper bags

are 100%




Our bags

have a load capacity

up to 10 kg.

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