Awareness of our important role in the area of quality and ecology have led us to achieve professional behavior and actions. We have established an auto control system, which ensures accurate and high quality manufacturing of all products. We are certified according to the  FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) standard. All of this is taken into consideration in development of new products and introduction of new technologies, as well as with production of these. With these actions we constantly decrease the negative in uence on environment and on a product within its whole life cycle.



Preparation of the printing form is made with the CTP process and with resolution up to 42 l/cm. Printing forms are installed with a computer controlled machine. We use water based printing inks which are not toxic and not harmful to health. Colors are prepared with a color mixing system and special software, which ensures the quality of printed colors.
We have the possibility to print up to 8 colors on a modern flexo machine with automatic color register and video control.